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First test of Riya

As I have already spoken about that, I’m participing in the alpha test of Riya, a great example of what will provide on web 2.0. Actually, Riya is an on-line facial and textual recognition software. The principle is simple : you start to indicate to Riya who is on the photos in order that it should recognize the persons and it should assign the corresponding tags. I have to say that I was rather skeptical before starting the tests, but after all I’m completely keen on it ! That’s the reason why I’m going to dedicate a category to it in this blog.

A big thank-you to Tara Hunt for allowing me to participate in this testing phase.

Before going on my analysis in next posts (I’ll let the people of Ojos be the first to read it), I’m going to present some results about the time I’ve spent working with Riya.

The first stage, quite tedious, consists in uploading the 860 photos which are in a folder designed for that purpose on my computer. It’s a quite long process that’s why it’s better to do it during the night.

And it’s after that you can come into play and I must say that I spare no effort ! 3/4 of the photos wich were uploaded were about my twins Cléo and Salomé. I have to admit that on several photos, I’ve got myself some problems to know who’s who. After a short training period with the tags Cleo and Salome (the software needs about thirty examples to work correctly but I made the test with a smallest number of photos), I let Riya do it itself ! And it was surprising… the programme was working properly ! Of course, there were some mistakes but they seldom occured to me when my twins were both on the same photograph.

The interface of Riya

It was not easy, and it was source of some errors

One of the useful functions of Riya is its ability to group the photos which were not yet tagged together in order to make easier their processing. This grouping together is made by a comparison of the faces. This function is working rather well and sometimes gives funny results : in this example, the comparison is made between Emilie (22, Salome’s godmother) and Augustine (90, my daughter’s great grandmother).

and sometimes it is touching as in this example with Samuel and his dad (the resemblance is undeniable…).

Will Riya be the paternity test of the century 21st ?

So, to end up with this (not completely), here are two examples of textual recognition. With the second example, the wine lovers will recognize a good bottle of Jurançon wine. Riya found out the word Jurancon but read the year of production too !!! Really excellent :

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